Who we are

ICMAH’s members in Osaka, during General Conference in Kyoto in 2019


ICMAH being inclusive of the largest two themes in museums is also one of the oldest international committees in ICOM.

ICMAH aims to create a network of communication, to organize events such as conferences, seminars, workshops for museum professionals and to realize publications to diffuse the knowledge about all aspects on museology and museography of archaeological and historical museums and collections worldwide.

ICMAH has actually 1284 individual and 107 institutional members from 94 countries and each year increases the partners. Our goal is to extend ICOM-ICMAH’s activities not only in the countries where museum activity is intense but also to the countries where museum professionality is practiced by devotion.

We do aim an active collaboration, a polyphonic communication and a democratic milieu for sharing experiences in history and archaeological museums where the memories of humanity’s common heritage is conserved and transmitted to next generations during centuries.