President’s Welcome Note

Dear ICMAH Members and Colleagues,

The ICMAH Board elected in Kyoto in September 2019 welcomes you in our new website. We are very excited for this mandate of 2019-2022 and we hope to realize a remarkable evolution in ICMAH’s activities and communication. The new board is actually extended in 4 continents, Europe, Asia, Africa and South America and also a very young one with an average of age -40. Our dedication to museum profession determines ICMAH’s goals for next 3 years by;

  • Establishing a dense communication with ICMAH members by publishing a trimestral newsletter,
  • Having more professional relations with other international committees and to organize common conferences, meetings, trainings,
  • Promoting countries of 3rd and/or 4th categories to extend the activities of ICOM/ICMAH,
  • Realizing more publications in relation with archaeology and history museums,
  • Creating an online bibliography about the latest publications about archaeology and history museums,
  • Effectuating a more “interactive” web-site where the volunteer museums and/or professional members of ICMAH may send news, announces and/or communication concerns.
  • Fostering young ICOM/ICMAH members to get involved more efficiently and interactively to all activities and raising funds for this reason.

We start to realize our goals by organizing our 2020 Annual Conference in Bogota Colombia thanks to the collaboration of ICOM Colombia. This will be a whole week event during the last week of October 2020 with thematic conferences, workshops where we will meet our colleagues from Colombian and South American museums and also students of museum studies, archaeology, history and art history.

We already decided for 2021 Annual Conference venue in Dakar, Senegal. We are aiming to realize many side activities especially with young professionals and hoping to share challenged experiences of our African colleagues.

Since 2017 ICMAH is actively involved in sports museums and in sports heritage/collections and already realized 4 events first in Nice, France, then in Baku, Azerbaijan, in Istanbul Turkey and finally in Alexandria Egypt with sports museum and Olympic museum professionals. We will continue to invest in this highly neglected subject in museum milieu and continue to collaborate with non-ICOM museums and institutions.

As we would like to use our web site as a communication platform, I invite all our members and other history and archaeology museums’ professionals to send us news, pictures, information about their activities and join us to create an effective network all together!

For any contribution, information and question please do not hesitate to contact us on


My best regards…


Burçak Madran

Chair of ICMAH