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April 19, 2015

ICMAH Conference Relocated

Dear (s) Members ICMAH, Cher (e) Colleagues,

I wish to inform you that the next conference ICMAH: Trade and Route of the Slave. Historic, archaeological Sites and Memorials to be held from November 24 to 27 has been moved to France.

As you know, an outbreak of the Ebola virus spreads in recent months in West Africa and it escapes, for now, control of health authorities internationally. The Senegal is not reached by the epidemic, but is not very far from the contaminated areas. As a precautionary measure and not wanting to postpone the meeting at a later date, we decided to transfer in France. Apart from the visits and official speeches, the program remains unchanged. A new version is available on our website.


Myriame Deledalle-Morel
ICMAH President