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March 23, 2024

Redesigning ICOM International Committee for Museums and Collections of Archaeology and History’s Acronym


Dear ICOM ICMAH Members,

In order to meet the outspoken needs for better internal and external communication, a new project was lunched by ICOM, to assess the feasibility and benefits of replacing IC acronyms with names that reflects their core activities, enhancing communication, visibility, and inclusivity.

ICOM Executive Board requested all IC’s to survey their members on this matter before starting the redesign process. In this regard, ICOM ICMAH wishes to collect your opinions and suggestions regarding the possibility of changing ICMAH’s name/acronym. Taking into consideration that changing the name/acronym is not obligatory. The expected timeline for the whole process is as follows:
  1. March – April 2024: Members survey process.
  2. May – August 2024: Preparation of the convening and working documents to the General Meeting of the International Committee (GA).
  3. September – October 2024: Members voting on the new name/acronym.
  4. November 2024: A formal request about the change proposal will be presented to the ICOM Executive Board for approval.
  5. December 2024: The Executive Board will provide their decision.
  6. January – March 2025: Graphic designing of the new International Committee acronyms/name
  7. March – June 2025: Amendment of the IC by-laws to formally reflect the change of acronym/name within the concerned article(s).
Share with us your thoughts, Fill the SURVEY FORUM
Kindly Note that this survey will end by Aril 29, 2024.
Best Regards,